Office of Contemporary Architecture




OCA as

Prototype Maker


Architecture is a reflection of its society. Therefore, architects must be on top of the trend and changes of the times and suggest prototypes to reflect it.



An architect must be capable of objective rational reasoning to identify a single aspect of the time. Simultaneously, he or she must have the leisure to simply take in the beauty of nature. It is at this moment that architecture serves as a most minimal tool for meditation.

Organizer of Living


An architect’s work reflects the many different ways of living: as an individual, as part of a bigger community, and greater still as part of a town or a city.

Urban Designer


There is no boundary between architecture and the city.

Public Architect


As society becomes polarized, there is greater emphasis placed on equality for the poor and the general public. In order to build a healthy society, the role of public architects is very important.

Exhibition Commissioner


An architect communicates with the public in many ways. Aside from communicating through erected buildings, exhibitions are the most integrated form of communication.